Starting Off


Its been a work in progress for several months now as I've been working weekdays and spending evenings and weekends making calls, studying building code, scheduling meetings with an insurance agent, and figuring out whether or not this start up could make it off the ground, but, alas, it is official! Snowy Range Carpentry is now a fully licensed and insured residential carpentry/construction company ready to help make your project a reality!

While it is a new company it is not an inexperienced company! I've been doing residential carpentry/construction since 2014 and have been learning more and more about the trade as the months go by. Currently it is comprised of a single worker, but the benefits to a small crew are quite nice! There's no "big boss" charging you so he can take a large cut off the top, there's no game of "telephone" where important details and instructions are lost or confused from being passed down a few chains of command, and the work is consistent, not being spread among a group of guys, some of whom may have a good eye for details, while others don't. The work might not get done as quick, seeing as how there's only one of me, but in the end the quality of work far outweighs how fast it can get done.

With this new adventure I simply want to take some time to write down some of the lessons I've learned, tricks and tips I find helpful, and keep homeowners aware of what I'm working on and how it's going. This could be helpful for some people who want to see how I work, what motivates me, and what I find to be most important in this trade.  All in all it's a tool to help both myself grow and to help others stay informed!

Thanks for giving it a look, and check back every now and then to see whats new!