A Little About Me: Kevin Stelzer

I was raised in a household where my dad was an all around handyman. From cars to garages, to an addition on our house, he was able to fix everything and build anything. I'm convinced that my attention to detail comes from his dedication to all that he does, and am grateful that I'm able to express that attention to detail through carpentry.

I went to Central Michigan University where I received my Bachelors in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Shortly after graduating I had the opportunity to join a small start up construction company, Before and After Homes, with my brother and a friend from Church. The crew's average age was twenty, but we put in long hours, lots of sweat, and had a strong desire not to do a job that was simply "good enough", but rather to do what we could to perfect our trade. We started doing whatever projects we could get, then got into flipping houses, and now that crew has multiple custom homes lined up. It was awesome to be a part of such a group and get to learn the trade alongside several dedicated young men.

In August of 2017 I finally married the girl who stole my heart back in 2011 and ended up moving out to Wyoming! Since moving out here I've had a desire to do my part in giving people what they pay for. The bigger groups are often too focused on making as much money as fast as possible that they overlook the fine details that make or break a project. Plus with various crews and levels of experience it's hard to tell what amount of consistency will come during that project. As a young yet skilled carpenter I know I can give full attention to the details and do consistent work, so at the end of the project the homeowner knows they got their money's worth.

I'm Licensed, insured, have passed the ICC National Standard for Residential Contracting, and care about the work I do. Yes, I am making a living doing this, but I happily undertake it for the sake of the craft and doing what I can to build a culture of craftsmanship. I will not cut corners to make a quick buck, and absolutely despise using lower grade materials than the budget calls for. In the end I desire to work well with my hands and do everything I can with excellence for you, the homeowner.